A Different Kind of Movie Podcast

Most movie podcasts are the same - theories, reviews, synopses, intellectual fodder. Yawn. We want to deliver a podcast that offers the bullshit you talk about with your friends over beers.  From pop culture to movies, comedy to insanity, we never quite know where each episode will take us. We won't say we're funny or one of the best comedy podcasts out there, but we're not NOT saying that. And that's for Van Damme sure.
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The Bullshit Podcast

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Episode 1.27

Previously On: Season 1

This week on the Bullshit Podcast, the gang takes a look back at all the bullshit from Season 1 by doing a damn clip show (Yes, we are already doing a clip show. Deal with it.) They share their favorite episodes, moments, and nonsense from their first season, as well as look ahead to what's in store for Season 2.

Episode 1.26

The Gang Has Irresponsible (Movie) Daddy Issues

This week on the Season 1 finale of the Bullshit Podcast, the gang shares their picks and rankings for their favorite, idiotic, irresponsible movie dads, Tom shares where his "sex towel" fits into his household towel rotation, things get heated during Tom's review of "The Raid: Redemption", and the Bullshit Games finale goes off the rails.