A Different Kind of Movie Podcast

Most movie podcasts are the same - theories, reviews, synopses, intellectual fodder. Yawn. We want to deliver a podcast that offers the bullshit you talk about with your friends over beers.  From pop culture to movies, comedy to insanity, we never quite know where each episode will take us. We won't say we're funny or one of the best comedy podcasts out there, but we're not NOT saying that. Clench your buttholes and buckle up for a journey through offensiveness, random pseudo-intellectual nonsense, sprinkled with movies, celebrities, and a large handful of bullshit.
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Episode 2.19

The Gang Gets A New Do

This week on the Bullshit Podcast, the gang is joined by a special guest to discuss the most iconic and memorable hair in the movies, Tom believes posters of shirtless, muscular men give him more testosterone, the gang questions if children of divorce have superpowers, and the Mystery Celebrity Dating Game is brought back once again.

Episode 2.18

The Gang Pulls Off A Heist

This week on the Bullshit Podcast, the gang lives vicariously through the movies by sharing their favorite heist movies of all time, Tom takes the gang on a terrifying journey that begins with dolphins that vape and rape and ends with Optimus Prime, the gang learns that heist movies come in all sorts of "sizes", and Wisk once again spirals into a drunken, murderous rage as the gang plays FATALITY.