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Most movie and comedy podcasts are the same - theories, reviews, synopses, intellectual fodder. Yawn. We want to deliver a podcast that offers the bullshit you talk about with your friends over beers.  From pop culture to movies, comedy to insanity, we never quite know where each episode will take us. We won't say we're funny or the best comedy podcast out there, but we're not NOT saying that. Clench your buttholes and buckle up for a journey through offensiveness and random pseudo-intellectual nonsense, sprinkled with movies, celebrities, conspiracy theories, and a heaping handful of bullshit.
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Episode 2.22

The Gang Has "The Talk"

This week on the Bullshit Podcast, the gang treads into unchartered waters by sharing the most awkward sex scenes in the movies, the gang questions why thirst trap photos don't work for men on Instagram, Tom and his family stumble upon a crime scene in Atlanta, and Wisk takes the already dark proceedings in an even darker direction.

Episode 2.21

The Gang Pets Dogs

This week on the Bullshit Podcast, the gang gets giddy as they share their favorite good boy dogs in the movies, Wisk makes a case that butterflies aren't real, the gang wonders what would happen if you took the Red Pill and the Blue Pill at the SAME TIME, and more craziness ensues in the Movie Watching Quiz Show.