A Different Kind of Movie Podcast

Most movie podcasts are the same - theories, reviews, synopses, intellectual fodder. Yawn. We want to deliver a podcast that offers the bullshit you talk about with your friends over beers.  From pop culture to movies, comedy to insanity, we never quite know where each episode will take us. We won't say we're funny or one of the best comedy podcasts out there, but we're not NOT saying that. Clench your buttholes and buckle up for a journey through offensiveness, random pseudo-intellectual nonsense, sprinkled with movies, celebrities, and a large handful of bullshit.
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Episode 2.15

The Gang's Passion of CHRISTmas

This week on the Bullshit Podcast, the gang celebrates Christmas and the battle of Good vs. Evil by sharing their favorite portrayals of God and Satan in the movies, Dray gets back from New York and shares her dislike of parents who are best friends with their kids, Tom is confused about Jesus, and the gang plays a very merry Bullshit Games.

Episode 2.14

The Gang Adopts Movie Uncles

This week on the Bullshit Podcast, the gang creates an extended family by sharing which actors and characters they wish were their aunts and uncles, Tom overvalues the deliciousness of Raisin Bran, the gang believes in the existence of Elf strip clubs and Bullshit Games turns into a testosterone-fueled, men's only edition.